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8th Grade Honors English

Course Description

Katherine Albiani Mission Statement:

Katherine L. Albiani Middle School’s mission is to ensure a safe, healthy, and dynamic learning environment that provides all levels of learners universal access to a rigorous curriculum that promotes high standards of scholarship and citizenship.

Course Description

Honors English 8 addresses reading, writing, listening and speaking within a rigorous standards-based program.  Instruction will include reading comprehension, writing in narrative, argumentative, and informative/explanatory, language conventions, vocabulary development in meaningful contexts, and reference skills.  Students will study various genres including the short story, novel, drama, biography, poetry, and informational materials as dictated by California Common Core Standards.  Honors goes beyond English 8 with extended learning activities that require students to increase their use of critical thinking skills to include analysis, synthesis, and problem solving.  The curriculum moves at an accelerated pace with a more concentrated focus.

English Honors 8 is designed for students performing at the high Proficient to Advanced levels. Students do not have to apply for this course, but must be willing to accept the challenges of the course and make an earnest effort to do their best.

Supplementary Honors Works:
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Twelfth Night  by William Shakespeare
Core Works:

 The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

 The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros



Attached please find the information and instructions about the Honors English 9 summer work.  Students will be able to check out the novel at the end of May through KAMS library. 




In 3rd period today or tomorrow, your 8th grader will receive their 8th grade 

promotion pictures .  You have 2 choices:


1.  You can either return to the KAMS Student store windows because you don't wont them, or

2.  You can purchase them by filling out the enclosed money envelop and bring the money envelop to KAMS Student Store Windows.


Do not give the money or pictures to your 3rd period teacher or Student Services...

You must return pictures or  pay for pictures or you will not receive your promotion tickets.


Please loop mail me, if you have any questions.


Ms. McNeel

Activities Director


Starting Monday, May 2nd, 2016, Katherine Albiani Middle School will be using a new automated calling system.


Our new system will begin notifying your students guardians when they are marked “Absent” in one or more periods during the day. The new system will call around 10:30am and 6:00 pm. The system will call all guardians with whom the student resides, using their Cell Phone and Home Phone numbers, as well as sending the guardian an Email Alert, and sending them a Text Alert(if the guardian has opted in).   It will notify only students who have a “T” marked in the absence screen. If you have not taken attendance by the times listed above, the notification will not be generated. Technology Services worked with Student Services and Health Services, Elementary and Secondary Education to craft the messages parents will hear and sought input from principals at all levels to determine the times and which numbers would be notified. Notifications also will be made in the primary language if it’s Hmong, Spanish or Vietnamese.