Mathletes Win Grand Champions Award in Final District Competition!.......

Congratulations to our Mathletes for another outstanding performance last night at Franklin High School. A highly motivated team, cruised to an early lead that they expanded to over 30 points by the end of the event. The Grand Championship award is given to combined score of both the A and B teams. Our Mathletes include:

Esther Guo (Perfect Score!), Richard Yang, Sean Sung, Rishi Menon, Jimmy Nguyen (Perfect Score!) Sophia Wang, Hieu Luu, Justin Dang, Dathan Nguyen,  Adam Mahmoud, Noura Mahmoud, Catherine Bui, Harrison Chu, Hillary Chu, Katie Do, Allison Chu, Gobe Fang, Gurvir Kooner, Benjamin Hoang, Lana Wong, Phillip Tran, and Ava Lown.


This concludes an incredible run by 8th graders Richard Yang, Sean Sung, Vanessa Dang, Justin Dang, Sophia Wang, Lana Wong and Esther Guo who have competed an all 8 District competitions in the past 2 years. They have finished first 6 times, tied for 1st once and finished 2nd once. All have been outstanding representatives of Katherine Albiani Middle School.

Posted by: Scott Morris Published:3/17/17
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