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Welcome students, parents, and visitors to the schoolloop website for my classes. 

I have been teaching at Katherine Albiani Middle School since the school opened.  I was fortunate to be selected by Mrs. Nelson to open the school as science department leader. This will be my 25th year teaching, all of it in Elk Grove Unified. Prior to working at Albiani, I taught at James Rutter Middle school for 15 years and also served as department leader there. I received my BS in Zoology from U.C. Davis in 1987. I did my student teaching at Elk Grove High School.

I am more or less local, I grew up in Davis, graduated from Davis High School in 1980, and went to Sac City College to do most of my lower division work. I met my wife Pam there. Pam is also a teacher in Elk Grove.

My wife Pam, a 4th grade teacher at Anna Kirchgater Elementary school, and I enjoy camping and travel. We are scuba divers and have dove at many sites around the world. We have continued to travel with our daughter Olivia who is now 13 and starting 8th grade. For her Elementary school years Olivia attended my Wife's school.

I am an enthusiastic Amateur photographer. I mostly enjoy landscape, travel, and wildlife photography. Here are some links to photos I have online:


For most of my adult life I was a competitive fencer. Yes with the swords and the white suits. I started when I was 16 and competed at the state and national level through my 30s. I have not done much since the birth of my daughter but I look forward to starting again soon. I have recently began teaching Olivia to fence.

This is just a little about me. I look forward to getting know my students and their families this year.


Will Carlton

My Daughter Oliva and I


My cat, Mocha


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