Harpreet Sidhu


My name is Harpreet Sidhu and I am a 7th grade Social Science teacher at Katherine Albiani Middle School (a.k.a. KAMS). As you are aware, 7th grade can be an awakening, and sometimes shocking experience for many students – as well as for some parents :).During this transitional time, some students have difficulty staying organized or completing homework. However in my years of teaching, I have found that students starting middle school benefit greatly when parents get and stay involved and help guide them academically. I am looking forward to working with you this year as a partner in the education of your child.
Each day, students in my class should be writing down their homework in their agenda/student planner.  While I will perform random audits, I am unable to review each student’s agenda daily. However, I will communicate with you via email with class information and upcoming dates to remember. Please use these emails as a guide to help your child in World History. If there is an assignment due, ask your child to see it completed. I also recommend you check their INB (Interactive Note Book) at least once a week.  There should be no blank pages in the INB.
In addition to your child’s INB and daily planner, KAMS has implemented an online solution called Schoolloop where students and parents can logon to a web site and:
  • check homework
  • download assignments and directions (especially important in the case of absences and the loss of directions; once again, due to budget cuts, students will be provided one set of directions and additional directions may be printed or accessed via Schoolloop)
  • check grades online
  • participate in class discussion groups for clarification of homework
  • communicate with me
I highly recommend that both you and your child register and utilize Schoolloop at http://ams.schoolloop.com. You are unable to receive homework updates until you register at Schoolloop. Registration is FREE and only takes a minute. Schoolloop will allow us to work together to help your child succeed. In addition to the Schoolloop web site, I will notify you via email anytime your child does not turn in an assignment or does not earning a passing grade on an assignment (60% or higher). 
I look forward to being your child’s Social Science teacher at Katherine Albiani Middle School and having a very successful year.  If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  The best way to reach me is via school email at hksidhu@egusd.net.