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Current Assignments
7th Grade Math

Angela Chu-Weber


Class Bulletin


Tomorrow, we will have completed 10 days of warm ups.  All 10 are due after the warm up is complete tomorrow.  If you were absent for any of the days of the warm up please put the date and label yourself as absent on that date. (#1 8/18, #2 8/19, #3 8/22, #4 8/23, #5 8/24, #6 8/25, #7 8/26, #8 8/29, #9 8/30, #10 8/31).


We will be doing the practice test tomorrow and will go over the answers on Thursday.  On Thursday we will also be doing practice problems on white boards so please bring a white board marker on Thursday.


The first test is going to be on Friday 9/2.  Any late work from the fraction unit will also be due on the day of the test.  After the test, work from this unit may not be turned in for credit.  There will also be an assignment sheet check on Friday.  Please have parent initials and the assignment sheet up to date.

We will begin the GO Math book on Tuesday we get back after Labor Day.  Please bring a composition book on Tuesday.



Highlighter (not yellow)

Whiteboard Marker (fine tip preferred)


Self-contained pencil sharpener

Mini Stapler

Composition book

Binder (1.5" - 2" with dividers) (You do not need a separate binder for math. You just need a section in your binder dedicated to our class.)

Binder paper

Calculator (does not need to be fancy!!)

Report folder with metal prongs (do not need until the end of 1st quarter)


Suggested Donations:

Tissue Paper

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes

White copy paper

Colored copy paper





Textbook Resources

Did you know you can access the textbook online as well as all the resources?  Check out

Password: school