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Incoming 7th grade KAMS Yearbook & Leadership

In order to be considered for the upcoming Katherine Albiani Middle School Leadership & Yearbook Staff for the 2017-2018 school year, this application must be completed independently by the student applicant and turned in before the end of the application time period.  Each school has a 2 week period.  The time begins on the day the counselors come to your school and you sign up for 7th grade classes.  Here is the time line:

Date                                                School

School                                                Beginning Date                                                      Due dates:
Edna Batey Tracks A and B              February 7                                                             February 21
Sunrise Track A                                 February 10                                                           February 24
Cosumnes River Elementary            February 14                                                           February 28
Adreani                                              February 24                                                           March 10
Dillard Elementary                             February 27                                                           March 13
Pleasant Grove Elementary              March 3                                                                 March 17
Edna Batey Tracks C and D             March 7                                                                 March 21
Sierra Enterprise                               March 13                                                               March 27
Sunrise Tracks B,  C and D              March 20                                                               April 3


All applications are done electronically.  Teacher recommendation forms from your 5th grade and 6th grade teachers will be electronically sent as part of the application process. If your application is completed (in full), meets the scoring requirements, and is submitted by the deadline, you may be considered as a Leadership & Yearbook candidate. There are limited spots in each program, therefore, the students who score the highest earn a spot in these programs. 


Here is the link for incoming 7th grade to apply.  Please make sure you are applying during your time line stated above:  

Click here:

Posted by: Donna Mc Neel Published:3/14/17
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