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KAMS CLUBS 2012- 2013

2016- 2017 KAMS CLUBS

This year KAMS has a variety of clubs to suit the needs of all students. We encourage students to get involved. Clubs not only provide students with an opportunity to explore a particular topic of interest, but it also allows a safe place for students to be with friends and have fun. Students can start a club or join a club at any time. Club paperwork can be emailed to the student by request.  Students simply need a teacher advisor to oversee the club and a minimum of 15 students to show interest.  When students turn in the club paperwork, ASB then approves the club and meetings can begin.

Please see below for a current list of all clubs available at KAMS. You will find the name of the club, a brief description of the club, the day, times, and location of the club meetings.


If you are interested in starting a club, find a KAMS Staff member that will be your advisor and have them email Mrs. McNeel and the necessary paperwork will be sent to the advisor to start the process.


Club & Description



Day & Time

Albiani Mentors Club

  • To work with the student and the teacher to improve the students’ abilities
  • To help students having troubles with reading, math, writing, behavior, social skill, & preparation skills
  • To give back to the community
  • To prepare students for middle school
  • To gain leadership skills.



Mrs. Brown




7:30 am – 8:00 am

We will start the week of Aug 29th.  If interested in joining please see Mrs. Brown in MK8 before school.

All Stars Club

The Albiani All-Star Award is one of the highest and most prestigious awards that students can earn while attending Katherine Albiani Middle School. Students who receive their Albiani All-Star Award have exhibited excellent citizenship both inside and outside of school. Hours of service will begin from the first day of school in 7th grade, and continue through April of the 8th grade year. In order to earn the Albiani All-Star Award, students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, with no F’s or U’s on their transcript. Students cannot be on the No Activity List two weeks prior to the 8th grade Awards Night where they will be honored. Students are active members of the Albiani All-Star Club while completing the requirements for this award. They attend meetings throughout the school year, complete petitions to document their work toward the award, complete a final essay, and regularly meet with the Albiani All-Star Advisors.
Albiani All Stars will meet beginning Friday, September 11th.



Mrs. Sidhu (7th)

Mrs. Howe (8th)

First meeting will be Friday, September 9th   

We will then begin our regular meeting schedule for the first and third Fridays of each month.

The first Friday will generally be a morning meeting at 7:30 am: the third Friday will be a lunch meeting.

Drama Club is a club for students who are interested in performing arts (acting, singing, dancing, and back-stage work) or in the All the Drama 2016 travel opportunity to Ashland, OR.  Members do not need to be in the school productions or in the Drama, Stagecraft, or Musical Theatre classes.  All are welcome! Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 9 at 3 p.m. in MD-27.



MD- 27


Mrs. Campbell



NYC Travel Club (TBA) This club is for students who are participating in the trip to New York City over Spring Break 2017. We’ll talk about fundraisers and preview some of the amazing experiences that await us in the Big Apple





Mrs. Campbell

First meeting will be Wednesday, September 7th at 8:45 am

Reach One Alliance Club+ Meets and decides ways to show random acts of kindness throughout the month.  This club is designed to spread

kindness throughout the school and community


Mrs. Metesser

Mrs. McNeel

2 times a month during lunch on Wednesdays; 1st meeting to be announced

Anime Club A place where students can come and share their interest about Anime.  They can draw, read, and watch anime. 


Mrs. Hills

Tuesdays, both lunches

Chinese Line Dance Club

Learn and share in the ancient tradition of Chinese Lion Dancing and the Chinese culture.  Learn to perform the lion, drum, cymbals and gong for Chinese New Year celebrations.

MC-11 and MC-6

Mrs. Seto

Mr. Seto

Tuesdays, 3:15-4:45 pm

Club Live

Club Live program engages middle school students in opportunities to develop leadership skills and a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle through alternative activities and involvement in their community. The focus is on changing community norms related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as preventing and reducing harm to young people and community members.


Ms. McNeel

Starts October 13th.

2nd and 4th  Thursday mornings at 8:15 am

Diversity Club

This organization will have as its purpose to learn about and share cultural experiences, promote the spirit of unity, provide opportunities for leadership and development, and maintain high social and educational standards here at KAMS. Students will learn about a variety of cultures, plan and participate in events to promote diversity, and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.


Ms. Mctizic


2 Thursdays/month

8:00 am - 8:30 am




Wyldlife Club is the middle school version of Young Life: a non-denominational Christian organization.  Wyldlife is all about games, skits, music and fun!





Mrs. Malone

Every other Thursday

7:30 am - 8:30 am; first meeting TBA

KAMS Teen Library Advisory Club

Do you LOVE to read books or help out at the library?  Do you want to help inspire other students to come see what’s happening at the KAMS Library?  We will be working on different activities to promote the KAMS library to Albiani Middle School.  Being part of our Library Advisory Club also gets you first access to the hottest new books available at our library. Members commit to work a shift at the library once a week at lunch. Come join our Teen Library Advisory Club.

KAMS Library

Mrs. Kennedy, KAMS Teacher Librarian

Monthly, during lunch

First meeting in September